Conference Equipment

The conference rooms of bonjour Hotel Stuttgart-Gerlingen come with standard poster boards, a flip chart and a white wall for projections. Further standards include a speaker’s desk as well as pencils and office supply.

We can offer you the following technical extra equipment. If you do not find the device you need on our list, feel free to contact us. We are glad to take care that you will get the equipment you need for the successful progress of your event.

Since February 2020, we have increased our Telekom fiber optic connection to 1GB/1GB symmetrically. This enables WiFi connections beyond 100 Mbit in all conference rooms! All participants have access to our free Wireless-LAN.

All prices are for each day. 19 % local taxes are included.

Should you need special equipment, please contact us ahead of time.

Equipment Price
Standard Equipment:
1 Pinboard and 1 Flip Chart with Pens
– no extra charge –
Beamer EUR 60,00
Digital Video Camera EUR 50,00
Speakers Desk – no extra charge –
Moderation Case EUR 15,00
Microphone System EUR 150,00
Additional Pinboard EUR 12,00
Additional Flipchart EUR 12,00
Copies EUR 0,30 for each copy
Transparency Copies EUR 0,80 for each copy
Telephone EUR 0,25 for each unit